Saturday, August 11, 2012


"You're in denal. Nuff said"

I have nothing much to say. met many new people, new faces everyday, got annoyed with my awesome self, wasted time like a boss, still am, a lone ranger of my awesome life, having nightmares and not so sweet dreams, like kind of often now, still am believing in karma, still am believing in myself, still am believing in salmon, met two faced people, nice people, not so nice people and people people, jokers who tend to be pretenders, clowns, fun clowns, sad clowns, tattletales, liars, and many other awesome traits, not to forget those mindreaders who tend to read people's mind, cool talent i shall say, i'm arrogant, ignorant and awesome, a lil snobbish but never a hater, being judged, but fret not, life has been awesome and i'm saying all this with a flat deaf tone. Please do your job dear judges. Everything happens for a reason and I'm grateful for letting me go through with this mischievous adventures of mine, surpassing the rocky path, with my fellow earth colleagues. God bless us all. I believe everyone has their own style of doing things, i believe everyone has a kind heart, beutify with their own flaws of perfection. doesn't mean they do things differently, they have to be secluded. True? Just my two cents, wondering late night thoughts. 

p/s: Hello, I'm Ellie and you are? =)